6 Things to Do on a Blustery Day

1. Go for a walk in the wind. Feel Mother Nature blowing against your face. Get leaves stuck in your hair. Experience the outdoors even if it’s the urban outdoors. 

2. Fly a kite. Not just for kids. Given enough kite string you can interfere with satellite transmissions and air traffic control. Safety first.

3. Stay in. If it’s cold, under a blanket with a book. If it’s not cold, omit the blanket. Use the weather as an excuse to relax.

4. Listen to the wind howl. While you’re inside relaxing under that blanket, take a moment to hear the wind whistle though trees outside, blow against the buildings and howl in the air. 

5. Turn off the lights and tell ghost stories. The howling wind described in number 5 lends itself to a more creative ambiance than can be re enacted on a bright summers day.

6. Cuddle. This requires no explanation.


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